• Five(5) Things You Pass To Your Baby Through Breastmilk
  • Will you marry me? The most romantic proposal spots across the Mideast
  • The Lover’s Guide to Surviving Holiday Gift-Giving
  • Your Body During a Breakup: The Science of a Broken Heart
  • Six(6) Things to Remember When Getting over a Breakup

Five(5) Things You Pass To Your Baby Through Breastmilk

Loading… Just as the things you eat and do during pregnancy determine the health of the baby in your womb, after birth, the things you eat still influence your baby’s well-being if you’re a breastfeeding mom. If you are blessed with keen observational skills then you may notice the differences in your baby as you make changes to your diet. These 5 foods are few of the many things that…


Will you marry me? The most romantic proposal spots across the Mideast

Loading… When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you start mentally preparing yourself to pop the big question. Traditionally in the Middle East, prior to proposing, the man must ask for the father’s permission to marry his daughter. At that point, the cat is out of the bag and the whole family, including your significant other, will know. This could spoil the…


The Lover’s Guide to Surviving Holiday Gift-Giving

Loading… It’s that time of the year again – streets coloured with festive decorations, malls ringing with well-known holiday music, and shops filled with people wandering aimlessly in search of the perfect gifts for their loved ones. I, for one, struggle every year to find that special present that will give my boyfriend a big smile under the holiday lights. I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from…


Your Body During a Breakup: The Science of a Broken Heart

Loading… Breakups are emotional roller coasters. Actually that’s not true. If a breakup was anything like a roller coaster the end would be visible from the start, you could say ‘no thanks’ to the ride and at the end of it, for a hefty sum the memory could be savoured forever with a flimsy cardboard-framed photo. Breakups are are more like being under a roller coaster. Before we knew the science we knew…


Common Reasons for Relationship Break Up

Loading… When two people come to share a certain bond, there is no guarantee that the bond will stay strong until completion of their lives. When one or both of you feel the need to end the relationship you are in, breakups develop. There are usually lots of different factors that come into play when making this decision. Break ups as stated above usually happen for several factors. Suspicion is one. You automatically place…

It's easy to hate someone you love every now and then, just make sure to fix the problem before the love is gone. (Photo: Photodune)

Three(3) Ways of Overcoming Relationship Conflict

Loading… Being in a relationship is wonderful. You’ve found someone that can more than tolerate you, they actually love you flaws and all. Falling in love for some is easy, but maintaining a happy, healthy relationship is the hard part. Anytime you are around someone for a significant amount of time, you are bound to annoy each other at some point or other. Maybe it’s something you say or just…


How to Save Your Marriage When Love Is Gone

Loading… I can hear the tone in your relationship. That tone where someone just died and it’s all over for them. Let me stop being so dramatic. In relationships, the fairytale beginning usually ends at about 3 months into getting to know each other. Once the 3 months are up that’s the time we begin to not ignore so much the little things that actually bother us about each other. In relationships, it’s…


Scattered Relationship:17 Signs The Love Is Gone

Loading… Falling in love is one of the most incredible experiences, and it often takes you by surprise. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever known, but flash forward a few years (or a few months!) into the relationship and the joy and laughter seems dulled somehow. The problem? You’re falling out of love. It can sneak up on just as quietly as falling in love did in the beginning. How can…



Loading… Soy milk produced from soybeans is a natural plant beverage which offers high nutritional value and a good dairy alternative. It is generally believed that soy milk is healthier than dairy milk. While some people who are lactose intolerant prefer it as a milk substitute, vegans drink it to avoid cow milk, and some health-conscious folks drink it because they believe it is a healthier low-fat option. The creamy drink can also be appealing to…